Hi there, friends! I hope this rambling word thread finds you well. This is my official author blog/site! For those of you who are new to my work, I am a narrative nonfiction author, who’s had the good fortune to be an award-winning essayist. In an attempt at growing in my craft, and maybe helping or inspiring a few souls along the way, I’ve embarked on a book adventure.

My book, “Girl on the Right: Memoir of a Life Upside Down,” will make its debut on March 8, 2017. Did you know that is International Women’s Day? Since the book is about a woman (me) and the experiences of a woman (again, me), I find the date significant and relevant, and a hell of a good spring-board into the hands and hearts of readers! 

My intent with this site going forward is to initiate open discussion regarding my chapter topics. Some of these are more lighthearted than others, so rest assured, this is your safe place to responsibly and respectfully share. Some of the topics include: friendship, marriage, divorce, motherhood, sexual abuse & rape, mental illness, career, education, religion, weight gain/loss/issues, family relationships, etc. Pretty all-encompassing, I would say!

I will also share my book writing experiences, and a bit of the process of publishing. Insights on that are invaluable for newbies, I know firsthand. I was once a compulsive Google searcher on all things publishing, book writing, memoir, and the like. Hopefully I can provide a resource for those who are searching to create their own masterpiece.

Thank you for taking time to read my first post, and for browsing my site! I look forward to getting to know you.

Bella Vida, loves.


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