Grimmy’s Girl: An Essay About Falling In Love

I wrote “Grimmy’s Girl” years ago, and it has been a favorite among my readers ever since. It was published in a now defunct literary magazine back in 2009, and won an Honorable Mention nod in a national writing competition. The essay is a quick read, and goes back to my journalism training of “saying a lot with a little.” 

It is now available on Amazon for your reading pleasure. 

A snapshot of a budding romance during my nineteenth summer,  it was unexpected and raw – a friendship set on fire. But like things that catch fire, they burn out eventually. We made it a good year before ashes set in.

Grimmy and I have kept in touch through the years, and we are now happily married to other people. We still remember our time together with fondness, and share a chuckle now and then about that summer. 

What began as friendship has settled in friendship. 

Happy reading!

Bella Vida, loves



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