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Cover Chaos and Other Mishaps

We’ve got it! Today marks the third day post-cover shoot for Girl on the Right: Memoir of a Life Upside Down, and I’m happy to report that somewhere in the digital recesses of Amy Koenig’s camera lies my coveted book cover. I’m not normally the subject of my covers, so this is a first to mark off the old bucket list. It was a fun experience, overall, with Amy and the little girls, and my on-set stylist. Model Audrey Kasdorf was also on hand to help me with posing ideas, and how to work with my body. Thank god for my support system!

I fell on my ass during the first shot, breaking my 41 year old body into oblivion. Not really, but it sure felt that way! I’m still walking around like a newborn giraffe. Physical comedy is the real deal, and not for sissies like me! I will have a stunt double on speed dial for the next go-round, you can bet on that.

While it was mostly chaos around me, Amy was loving it! I can’t imagine what the experience was like through her lens. She did show me multiple shots directly from the camera, but I suppose I was too overwhelmed to take them in. While it was fun, I had to battle that bitchy, mean girl voice inside my head. You know her, right? She tells you that you are too fat, too ugly, too uptight, too…everything! But the truth is, dear readers, is that this book is my story, pieces of me that even those closest to me are not aware of. Who better to represent my story than me? Whatever “too” categories I fall into, I own them with pride.

Later into Friday evening, Amy sent me an ominous text: “Check your email.”

She sent a preamble, saying that she is seriously in love with the photo attached. With great trepidation, I downloaded and viewed the photo. WOW. That was my initial response. She captured a feeling, a look in my eye that I hadn’t meant to reveal. Somewhere between my goofing off and feelings of awkwardness, she saw me. What a gift. Outside of my initial response, I turned into a girl and began picking myself apart. First my hair, then my skin tone, my thick legs, blah, blah, blah. Looks like my therapist is in no danger of working herself out of a job! In truth, however, it just may be the cover pick, but we still have so much to sort through.

In the meantime, enjoy this hilarious, unedited (except for removing the chair beneath me) look at what went down on my cover shoot!

Bella Vida,


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