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The Cover is… Me!

And it is done! The cover design for Girl on the Right: Memoir of a Life Upside Down has been finalized. I can’t possibly articulate the emotion that comes with this, especially book-cover-gotrsince I know how it relates and represents the content beneath. Visually, my pages, my story, has a proper introduction. After playing with the concept several times, we’ve landed in a place that feels absolutely right. It isn’t the cookie cutter headshot that represents most memoirs, and it also isn’t some illustration or abstract image found on the rest. This is me. ME.

Time to let that sink in for a bit.

Before I go one step further into this post, I must acknowledge my talented, beautiful cover designer and photographer, Amy Koenig. We started from scratch with the spark of an idea. She was with me every step of the way. She knew the photo we ended up with was the one from the start. She has an amazing eye, and captured exactly what was needed. We’ve worked in collaboration before, nearly 25 years ago, and have always been a good team. I am in awe of her, truly. Thank you, Amy!

Along this journey, I’ve asked myself and others, “What makes a great book cover?” While I’ve received various answers, and more than a few shoulder shrugs, we’ve all agreed that the basis of a great book cover is the emotion it invokes, and how it delights the eye. Whether that emotion is laughter, sadness, whimsy (is whimsy an emotion?), *insert your own adjective* – a great book cover makes you feel, and is pleasing to the eye.

I have to say, between the cover and the writing, I left everything I have on the floor. I am so proud of this manuscript. It has been a long time coming. So many friends and fans have been anxiously awaiting my book baby. Nobody has waited longer than me. It had to be the right time, and I had to be in the right place and frame of mind to do it right.

As with any result that comes from a lengthy process, I want it NOW! I am ready for March to arrive, and to finally hold the fruit of my labor in my hands. I’ve nearly put this behind me and have started working on my next book outline. This one is interesting, I must say! It is a novel with bits of truth. A new genre for me, but I love flexing my pen and growing in my craft.

Okay, time to sign off…I am doing that senseless rambling thing that I hate. I’m just so freaking excited!! Thank you for putting up with me, dear readers. You are simply the best!

Time to start drafting that dedication page so I can get my ugly cry on! LOL

Bella Vida,


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