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The Business Beast of Book Writing

As a corporate marketing and PR executive, I understand the value of promoting a product before its launch. As an author, I also understand that my book is a product and requires the same treatment. But here’s the thing: I’m tired.

Writing a memoir is tiring. I enjoyed the process, the things I’ve learned about myself, and even revisiting the challenging times that have made me the strong, thriving woman I am today, but now is the crucial time for book business. Most creatives hate the business part, but I love it. Marrying my two passions of writing and business is amazeballs (is this word in the dictionary yet? If not, it should be)!

Did I mention that I’m tired?

Mental and emotional fatigue has rendered me useless, which is why I’ve temporarily stepped away in recent weeks. Once we had the book cover finalized, I took a deep sigh of relief and checked out. As a matter of fact, in two days I will be checked out on a sandy beach, soaking up the warm tropical sun, and reconnecting with my husband. It is our delayed honeymoon, and a priority over business.

I know my laptop will make its way into my suitcase out of necessity, but I hope to disconnect as much as possible and live each moment of freedom and bliss. When we return from paradise, I will be obligated to hit the ground hard-core with my publishing team and get this book to you.

My publishing target has always been a March 2017 release, with the 8th as my desired date. While I may not make that exact date, March is still in the plan.  I don’t want to rush things and compromise the editing process, or even the quality of the end product. That’s where my priority is. I get one chance to tell my story the way it should be told, on my terms, in my voice. Sometimes it takes a few false starts to figure out what that voice is, but I am so incredibly pleased with the words I’ve written. I am proud of myself (huh…haven’t said that much in my life).

I hope you fall in love with my message.

Excuse my silence in the week ahead, but know that I am taking this much-needed break to be the best author, wife, mother, friend, and leader I can be. Part of being a leader is knowing when self-care is required, and showing people you love that it is always okay to do so. Showing yourself care and love is never selfish.

If I haven’t said it enough, thank you to my faithful readers and followers, my champions and supporters, for your encouragement and words of kindness!

Bella Vida,


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