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Flayed for Readers: A Memoir of Surpassing Survival

Today I am verklempt. My memoir is officially published and available for purchase in both print and electronic formats. I know each chapter by heart, and have flayed myself open for the reading public. I am most proud of the last chapter, “Girl on the Right Defined,” as it is the culmination of the previous 22 chapters, and of my journey so far.

I’ve received only positive feedback to-date, but expect there will be more than a dash of negative. I’m not the voice for all, just me. It is my story, as I’ve lived it and perceived it.

There are many things that I’ve omitted from the book. At one point I had to stop and ask myself how far I was willing to go, and how much my readers could handle. In relation to childhood sexual abuse, I chose what I could part with. Not every abuse or instance is included. There are things I simply could not relive in the writing process.

There are so many topics covered, yet they are all related. The structure of my book, the sections, and the chapters included in each section, was deliberate. My journey unfolded in a similar way. My hope is that it provides an order to the chaos.

You will also notice the last chapter is set up in a different format than the typical book. Again, it was deliberate. I wanted to illustrate my growth from what was to what is, and also identify those areas that are still developing. As Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither was the Girl on the Right. I incorporated meaningful quotes. It was a risky decision, but I think it adds a depth to the ending.

The final page, a poem, sums everything up. It is a poem that I’ve read and re-read since its birth. It speaks to me, and reminds me how far one can go and grow, change and evolve. It is the natural state of being human. My daughter wrote this in a third grade free write. It took her no more than twenty minutes to draft. It is an astounding insight and articulation for an 8 year old child. The kid gets it.

With that I will sign off. I hope you find value in the pages of Girl on the Right: Memoir of a Life Upside Down. If you do happen to read it, make sure to leave a review – an honest review. Fluff and accolades will not help me grow in my craft (wink, wink).

Bella Vida


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