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Heart Pokes: In Their Own Words

My goodness, what a blur the past few days have been! My book is officially on the market and in the hands of readers! *gasp*

It is surreal to hold my book, run my finger tips across the matte cover, and see my heart splashed across each page. Writing and publishing essays, while enjoyable, cannot even closely compare to writing and publishing a book. I am already on to #2, and have a couple more book outlines in my vault. It doesn’t end here, folks!gotr-book-cover-final

Feedback has been pouring in from readers, and I could not be more thrilled at the reception my story’s received. But there is a downside to the way readers relate to the tougher subjects of childhood sexual abuse, rape, and abortion. It breaks my heart, quite honestly. I hate knowing that people I love (and I do love each and every reader) have been touched by the ugliness as I have. Every text, private message, or public post has pierced my heart in that knowing. On the flip side, each person who’s reached out has also challenged mere survival, and is living their best life. That’s the good part.

I’ve decided to share with you (anonymously) the feedback I’ve received in a few short days by those who’ve read Girl on the Right: Memoir of a Life Upside Down. In their own words…

“I’m starting section 4 now. It’s as if you interviewed my sister and I, changed a few details and wrote it all down. Details that I could never describe myself. But I’m sitting her screaming “YES, that’s what I was feeling too!” 

“I’m on to a new box of tissues and my hubby keeps asking if I’m ok. I am. I don’t mean to detail my whole journey into your book. But it’s really good. I don’t think you should be worried. It’s really well written and I feel like I’m right there experiencing it along with you. Some of it familiar to me some of it my first experience. You’re the first person that I shared my similar experience to chapter 4. Not a lot of people know.”

“You should be really be proud of this book I think it’s going to help a lot of people and may even change some. It’s helping me for sure. Thank you Tina for being so courageous and strong!”

“I have finished section 1. Can I just say WOW! What I have read thus far is pretty incredible, and yes, I needed tissues. Chapter 4 spoke volumes to me because I also had been in a similar situation 14 years ago. I don’t think I’ve quite healed from it cause I don’t even like to talk about it. But maybe reading your book may bring me closer to some kind of healing. The book is really good! On to section 2. And Tina thanks for sharing a story that I know must have been very difficult to tell.”

“I LOVE your book! I’m on chapter seven and my God, so much of your story is my story …”

“I finished your book tonight (only took a few hours because I couldn’t put it down.) I can’t find the words to describe what I’m feeling right now, even though I knew a lot of your story, except to say that your words touched my heart and I could relate in so many different ways (And thanks for making me cry!). I have to say, job well done sista!”

“I’m about half way through. Love your story and also love the way you tell it!”

“I can’t put your book down! I can’t wait to finish it!”

“What you have survived, and the way you share it, with such candor and ease is truly incredible.”

“… I read your book. awesome read. Almost didn’t make it through the first half of it cuz it really came so close to my life and I was crying.”

I appreciate each and every word that you have shared with me, dear readers. For those of you who have faced your own truth, good or bad, through my words, I am here for you. I love you. “Freedom is in thriving. I am the Girl on the Right.”

Bella Vida,


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