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Author’s Life: The Art of Self-Promotion

When a young writer dreams of penning their first book, I doubt self-promotion makes an appearance in the rose-colored haze. It is a learned art, and one that is required  to build a solid readership, and ultimately, to sell books. The non-writing business that goes into being an author can be daunting, and even provide distraction from the craft.

People often ask me what my secret is to marketing and promoting my work, in addition to producing publishable prose. I would love to tell you that I am organized, have bullet journals, an air tight routine, etc. I have non of these things, and would be a liar if I claimed them.

I am scattered, much like a mad scientist. I go in 100 different directions at any given time, yet know the details of each, including my next steps. I do take notes…on any piece of paper that’s within arms reach at the moment of inspiration. I have no efficient filing system.

I am a creative with a day job, and work on self-promotion a little at a time, depending on when I get a few free minutes to enter “the zone.”


Scatter-brain confessions aside, I have learned how to make marketing materials from Microsoft PowerPoint and Pic Collage. I also find great FREE stock photos on These are wonderful resources, and help when I need to create unique promotional material for specific events. I choose to keep this part of the author business in-house instead of hiring out. It takes more time, but is worth it at this stage of my career.

If you are a new author, ask other established authors about the resources they use to create promotional materials. I know plenty of newbies who’ve stumbled along without making a single meme or advertisement because they simply didn’t know it was part of the job. Brand recognition is huge in attracting readers.

My featured image is an “About Me” piece that I’ve framed, and display on book sales tables during events. Readers like to know a bit about the authors they read. Jazzing up your bio is a great way to answer the usual questions, and forge a path of self-branding.Tina Truax Flyer

In the coming weekend, I have two big events which require promotion. This is a printed flyer I put on bulletin boards around town to advertise my participation in an eventWalk WIth An Author Poster

This is an invitation to my book launch celebration, which I printed as 3 x 5 matte photos and hand out.reading invite

There are authors who create far more sophisticated advertisements than I have, but I keep working at it to improve my skill level. It is worth the upfront time investment to do so, I promise.

Do you have a suggestion or resource I haven’t mentioned? Leave a comment and help a sister out! 🙂

Bella Vida


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