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Grandiose Quips at Seventeen

Have you ever made a grand proclamation to an individual or group? Maybe it came out as, “Someday I’m going to…” I have, and it hit me like a brick to the head last week.

When I was a high school journalism student, immersed in the rush of deadlines, editing, and reporting, I made an emphatic statement to my newspaper advisor: “Someday, I’m going to win a Pulitzer. I don’t know for what, but I am.” Quite a grandiose statement for a seventeen year old girl. Last week, as I was filling out my entry form for the Pulitzer Prize contest (yes, you read it right!), I had a flashback of that very day.

There I was, entering Girl on the Right: Memoir of a Life Upside Down into the Pulitzer ring. To be clear, I have no expectations going into this, but my thought is, why not? I feel my book is purposeful and has a relevant message for CSA thrivers. I’ve read a host of past winners in Letters, Drama & Music throughout the years. I’m in no way saying that my first book is of the same caliber, but the heart of it is. I could do a lot with $50 and 4 copies of my book, but this feels good in my soul. Even without snagging the $15,000 cash prize, I am exposing my voice to a new audience. That’s always a win.

My lesson in all of this, I suppose, is when you voice your intention to the world/universe/God, you’ve essentially set that intention in motion. My life coach, Tamara Zoner, would be extremely proud of that statement, as she’s always encouraging her subjects to live with intention. I get it, Tam!

While I had no clue where I would be twenty-five years from the day I voiced my intention, I certainly arrived at a destination to make that dream a possible reality. And you know what? Even if this book is cast aside by the Pulitzer jury, I won’t bat an eyelash. I have more books coming, as well as the time and treasure to keep trying.

Never give up on YOU, dear readers!

Bella Vida



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