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I Published My First Book – Now What?

I published my first book – now what?

I ask myself this question quite often, and the answer is always the same: publish more books! It sounds so easy, right? I mean, I have lots of book ideas, characters defined, and a strategically crafted foundation to launch from. Again, so easy, right?

No, it is not easy. I’ve learned an invaluable amount of information about book business, as both an author and publisher since my first book adventure kicked off. I plan to write a blog series about my learnings, and will create a free guide for aspiring and seasoned writers who are ready to make the leap to published indie author. Sure, there are many out there available for free download, but I found most of them lacking – an inch deep, and a mile wide. The meat just isn’t there.


While I work on the second book in the Girl on the Right family, Lessons in Marriage, I hope to also work on my indie publishing guide in tandem. There is no better resource, after all, than someone who’s been there. Knowledge is power, my friends!

Aside from sharing my gained wisdom, and completing the GOTR books, I plan to shift gears as a fiction author. I have three book outlines/idea scribbles waiting in the wings for further development. I’ve pitched them to a few devout readers who’ve given me thoughtful feedback on each. They love my premise, and have emphatically declared their excitement to read each one when they are available. That’s the best, isn’t it, fellow authors? I love when readers get excited about my work!

In the meantime, look for these Girl on the Right books to hit Amazon in the coming months:

  • Lessons in Marriage
  • Momapalooza


Time for me to get back to the keys and pound out a witty, insightful, fun take on marriage…the second time around! Get excited, dear readers!

Bella Vida


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