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Girl on the Right Meets Barnes & Noble

Hello, Barnes & Noble!

Until today, Girl on the Right: Memoir of a Life Upside Down was only available for purchase on Amazon (in both Kindle and print).

barnes-noble-580U.S. book retailer, Barnes & Noble, picked up my book baby! You know what? It feels wonderful to know my story will benefit from the exposure a retailer of B & N’s magnitude can offer. I’m excited at the prospect of reaching a larger reading audience and meeting new THRIVERS. There are so many who need to know they’re not alone. Supporting those who’ve been impacted by child/adolescent/adult sexual abuse and trauma is not only my author platform, but my heart-work. I have so many hugs to give, virtual and in-person!

My book journey has taken on a vastly different reality than my initial vision. I thought this book would see twenty or thirty readers, then die into the unknown author abyss. I guess it has other plans. *pinch me now*

I continue to dwell in my place of gratitude for all the people who’ve related to, or feel validated because I told my story…even the ugly parts. There are days when I think, “I can’t believe I wrote that! It’s too personal!” or “What will the neighbors think?!” But then, I go back to the place in my heart that believes if even one person is helped in any way because I chose to be bold and brave and transparent, then so be it. Besides, I don’t give a f*uck what the neighbors think. I’ve survived worse things in life than someone’s judgement and criticism. BAM!

SIDE TRIP: Below is an excerpt from a note I received from a trusted friend, who happens to be an English teacher and avid reader, after she read my book for the first time at my request (proofreading purposes):

“My lack of commentary is not indicative of anything with the text. It is indicative of my difficulty to respond. To say, “thank you” for sharing does not do justice to this tale of your journey. To make comments not on par with the boldness of The Girl on the Right is a disservice as well.”

Her words were unexpected and touched my heart profoundly. This woman, a well-read, educated, cultured woman who I respect and admire was touched by my words. *All the feels*

Bella vida


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