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Tina Truax is a free-spirited, sassy, independent woman who battles convention at every turn. In Girl on the Right: Memoir of a Life Upside Down, she shares a thoughtful expose of her many attempts at fitting in and behaving according to society’s unattainable standards. After a mental breakdown at age thirty-four, Tina took a closer look at where life had taken her and has chosen to move forward on her own terms. With Girl on the Right: Memoir of a Life Upside Down, she throws expectation to the curb in the pursuit of a life of truth and authenticity. She opens her memory box and recounts her darkest moments, unexpected joys, and her ultimate journey to healing and self-acceptance.


 Inspired by a social media poster call-to-action to Be the Girl on the Right, which encourages women to not let themselves be defined by society s standards and stereotypes, Tina shares trials and misadventures as recovering church lady, wife, mother, friend, fat girl, and childhood sexual abuse survivor.
Now, a champion and mentor for women, she proves by example what it means to Be the Girl on the Right.


Grimmy’s Girl  (Essay)

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What does a too-mature-for-her-age girl do when she meets and befriends a laid-back, sweet talking younger boy? She falls in love, of course.
In the charming short essay, “Grimmy’s Girl,” author Tina Truax offers a glimpse into her budding romance with Grimmy, who captures her heart during her nineteenth summer.




Ending Life: A Young Girl’s Journey Through Abortion (Essay)

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“Ending Life: A Young Girl’s Journey Through Abortion” provides a glimpse into the heart and mind of author Tina Truax, a self-proclaimed pro-lifer, as she prepares for, and endures, a post-rape abortion.