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Measure of Review

Hello, dear readers! As you can imagine, I’ve been pouring over each word of my 5 star review from Readers’ Favorite. Having minimal experience with professional review 5star-shiny-hrorganizations, I quickly reached out to my established author friends to get the scoop. I’m one of those authors who isn’t quite satisfied with kudos until I understand more about the source of said kudos. Make no mistake that I love, value, and appreciate all reviews and feedback, whether posted to Amazon, or from a direct conversation. Readers are readers, not one more valuable than another; each one is crucial to the life of a word painter. But here’s a dirty little secret that i readily share: We are perfectionists, odd-ducks, and feedback whores. *Gasp!*

That’s right, I went there!

It’s not enough to receive a great review. I need to know that the reviewing source carries weight in the world of all things author life. I’m like this with things outside of writing as well, sadly. Every job I’ve landed has come with the question, “How many applicants were there?” Could it be a symptom of feeling less-than or unworthy? Somehow I need to validate my good fortune, or my mind won’t accept or settle down to enjoy the fruits of my talent. I’m needy like that. I suppose I’ve shrouded my insecurity as competitiveness throughout the years. There’s no going back now, my secret’s out!

Now back to my recent review from Readers’ Favorite. I’ve been assured that they are a reputable organization, both from a review and awards perspective. Many of my friends have reaped invaluable exposure from winning Readers’ Favorite awards in their genre. Because of their endorsement, I’ve added a link to the 2018 Readers’ Favorite Awards contest to my blog, and will be entering two titles in the nonfiction ring. I have no expectation going into it, but feel they’ve done a great job selecting past winners. It would be a great honor to have my work included among the talented authors I’ve come to know and deeply respect.

As I put my mind to rest and enjoy one reader’s acclaim for Girl on the Right: Memoir of a Life Upside Down, I am reminded of something my wonderful mentor and friend once said after learning I’d won a coveted essay competition: “It was good before it won.”

Cheers to enjoying the ride! *raises glass*

Bella Vida


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