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Celebrating Girl on the Right: Memoir of a Life Upside Down

I’ve been a guest at countless book launch parties, signings, and readings; however, there is no greater thrill than being the author of honor at the launch celebration for my first book. The hugs, handshakes, and kind words are the cat’s meow, as far as I’m concerned. I took time to write a unique message in each book – I’m not a “best wishes” kind of girl. But then, I also didn’t have hundreds of fans standing in line. Even so, I relish in giving all things my personal touch.

 Collage LaunchYesterday’s soiree taught me a few things as well. First, my voice is valuable to others. This, I suspect, is for many reasons, some I probably haven’t thought of. A sister purchase the book for her sister, and a daughter purchased for her mother. This is the best endorsement for an author. When a reader is so moved by your words that they MUST share…yeah, that’s why I do this. I suppose you could say it’s a validation of sorts.

 Second, I learned that I am an extrovert who is still battling feelings of being unlovable and unworthy. As friends and strangers filled my heart with words of appreciation and praise, I had to fight those intense feelings. To hear people who know me, and those who don’t, say “I’m so proud of you!” and “You are strong and courageous!” filled my heart to capacity. I am not complaining, and am thankful to everyone who came out to support me, and read my book.

 Third, I love reading! I’ve participated in reading events prior to yesterday, but this was a new stage – literally. Reading my words to people, being able to emote as my words were intended during their birth, was a beautiful experience. I loved the freedom to truly connect with my audience, and be vulnerable in the telling of my truth. I wonder if a fiction reading provides the same outlet? Hmm…guess I’ll find out (no announcement on that front yet, but stay tuned!).

 Fourth, holding a Q&A after the reading was the perfect choice. Guests came prepared with questions, which allowed me to provide insight on my inspiration, reactions, and plans for new work going forward.

 That brings me to my big announcement:

Coming November 2017: Girl on the Right: Lessons in Marriage Through Divorce.

I will sign off for now and let that tidbit sit. I am so excited to share my next book with you, dear readers!

 Bella Vida



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